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5 Great Do It Yourself Nail Art Designs - beautyideas
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5 Great Do It Yourself Nail Art Designs

Gone are the days of the ubiquitous French Manicure. The availability and affordability of nail salons has encouraged women to spend more time pampering themselves with a top-quality nail treatment. As a result, innovation and nail styles now follow the trends of the fashion runway itself.

First, the nails are given a basic manicure. The nails are cleaned. Any dead skin on the cuticle is removed and the skin around the nail is treated as well. An all-important base coat is applied to the nail. The base coat is usually a very prominent white to help the easy nail designs stand out.

If you aim for sophistication, you can choose between 'Honk If You Love OPI' and 'Uh-oh Roll down the Window'. 'Honk If You Love OPI' is a lacquer in a very sophisticated color, like that of a raisin. 'Uh-oh Roll down the Window', on the other hand, comes in a creamy olive green shade.

During summer vacations there is a long list of hobbies that sprout up to choose from. Dancing, yoga, art classes, crafts, gymnastics are quite popular, as fees are also reasonable for parents to pay. Teen girls get an opportunity to make new friends and also hone their talents that could be of use in adult life. It's a fallacy that teen girls are only thinking of hooking boys all the time. Few are reading romantic novels but most of them are reading fiction and poetry and keeping scrap books as well. Photography is a proving to be a good hobby for young girls. Well, some girls like to be in front of the camera and some behind them! Rock climbing, cycling with friends, swimming are equally satisfying hobbies.

Many people like to wear brooches, and most of them like handmade DIY brooches. Polymer clay beads are one of the best materials for that kind of DIY as they are cute, colorful and lightweight. When you search polymer clay beads, you will find some of them are named as "polymer clay simple nail designs decoration". They are available in different shapes too. Like flower, fruit, hear, round, half round and many others. Just glue the polymer clay easy nail design decorations you like to on basic brooch. Of course, don't forget to cut them off as thin pieces if they are available in long strips.

As well as the afore mentioned pampering most pamper party providers will offer some additional entertainment. The entertainment offered will differ depending on the age of the party guests, but more often than not will include party games, karaoke, dance routines and competitions. You may also wish to add some "extras" to your party. For instance your pamper party provider can supply you with non-alcoholic cocktails, chocolate fountains and party bags, which will help make your birthday party even more magical.

Overall both tip cutters and scissors can come in useful within the salon. They do not need to be frequently cleaned and they come in for a number of different uses.
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