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How To Do Your Own Nails With Metallic Tape Nail Art, Accessory Art And More

As we are living in a global village, we can witness the trend on west side to the east side of the world. We can see the Sabrina neck cut in London become so popular in Asia and we can find the brand from a famous Italian designer across ocean and continent. Everyone could have the same opportunity to get the latest fashion trend collection and dress up like a star.

The acrylic nail designs ist Fine Art Pens come in two sets, and there are two pens per set; you can choose from a set that includes one black and one white pen, or pick the set that includes an electric pink pen and a silver pen. You can use these pens to draw on top of your nail polish (make sure the polish is fully dry first). Draw, doodle, make a's up to you! But remember to apply a clear top coat after your easy nail design is dry; if you don't seal your design in with a top coat, you risk rubbing your masterpiece off your nails. At $5.49 per pack, these are a much more economical choice than having your easy nail design professionally done.

The most popular but less expensive type are acrylics. This type does not allow your natural nails to grow as they are a lot thicker and less natural looking.

New nail designs seen on celebrities are blatant, bold and wild, but now and then surprisingly understated. French manicures, reverse French, and shiny black and white, are seen as often as vivid reds and pinks. Metallic makes it everywhere, but so does the no-sheen look of matte polish. The basic short red manicure still appears, and so do pink nails as long as Elvira's. Whether you want high style acrylic nails or a new look for your own natural nails, these celebrity easy nail designs will inspire you.

Tip cutters are another tool that can easily be used within a nail salon. They can look quite lethal as they are designed to be heavy duty clippers. This is because they are used to cut through tough artificial tips and so they need to be hard wearing and powerful. You can compare their appearance to the clippers used by vets to clip animal claws.

If you aim for sophistication, you can choose between 'Honk If You Love OPI' and 'Uh-oh Roll down the Window'. 'Honk If You Love OPI' is a lacquer in a very sophisticated color, like that of a raisin. 'Uh-oh Roll down the Window', on the other hand, comes in a creamy olive green shade.

If you enjoy wearing trendy and stylish dresses then you will also love to play the Zodiac Taurus Dress Up. The first thing you need to do is to put makeup which ever you desire. You will click next and it is time for you to choose the appropriate clothes you want for your avatar. You can also customize its hair, shoes, bags and other accessories.
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