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Party With Nail Art Trends - beautyideas
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Party With Nail Art Trends
Before looking into the detailed description about the steps involved in nail art, we shall take a look at what is nail art. From the very first sight of the word, we'll come to a conclusion that it is an art that can be done only by the professionals. But this can also be done by common people by practicing it with some guide or a nail art tutorial. Nail art, as we think is not just decorating the nail but also taking care of or protecting the nail. Nowadays nail art is becoming popular, as it has become one of the ways to show off. The reason might probably be the media, especially the Internet. Now we shall move on to the actual nail art tutorial.

Nail Polish- whenever a color is making waves in the fashion world, it's inevitable that it also makes its way to nail polish. Electric blue is being used in many easy nail designs art designs including the half moon design, which is very popular on runways and with celebrities.

There was a time when only girls were supposed to go to beauty par lour for facial, rebounding, hair straightening, manicure, pedicure, hair cutting, fake nails designs and many more services but today the boys are also not behind. Youngsters want to looks like Hollywood celebrities specially their favorite hero or heroine. There are different hair styles like cool cut, casual cut, normal cut etc. Many young guys copy celebritiesEUR(TM)s hair cut. A true example is when Ronaldo won the soccer match for Brazil; many boys copied his hair style.

Acrylic nails are very sturdy and durable and you may prefer them to other types. Gel nails on the other and would be appropriate for you if you are looking for a more natural look. It is important to note, however, that gel nails are not as strong or as durable as the acrylic ones. Its biggest advantage is that it should be filled in less often.

The next thing you need is clean fingernails that are filed evenly. You may want to file them roundly or in a square shape, but make sure they're all even. Now you can start polishing your nails with a light or clear base coat. Clear or lighter colors are great because they don't overlap the nail art and actually help draw more attention to the designs. Make sure you apply two coats of the nail polish for better strength.

If you prefer applying false nails, you can do this now. Match its length with your nail size. Patch them with special glue. Let it dry before starting to paint.

There are also pre-fabricated designs that you can get. Just as you can have French nails applied professionally or purchase them from the store and apply them yourself, there are also ones that you can purchase at the store that have designs similar to airbrushed ones that you can purchase and apply yourself. For those who are interested in having the designs on their fingertips, but are lacking the money to do it this is the way to go.

If you want to have good fake nails done then try to learn and implement these simple tips that I gave you. You should also look for other opinions on the matter.
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